Dutch Harbor Update | Summer Snow Crabbing?

The opilio season just won’t end this year. The Deadliest Catch is turning out to be the Longest Catch. ADFG has just announced the second extension this season, which allows the boats to fish until June 15th. That’s right! They are winter crabbing in the summertime. Only a quarter of the quota is left, so it should be over soon. Its still snowing in St. Paul and the ice pack is still in the harbor according to the Time Bandit’s Twit Pic. This is definitely one crab season that few fishermen will forget. I embedded some other twitter posts to give you an idea of who is still fishing. The Time Bandit is still at it and it sounds like the Northwestern got more quota. The season is now scheduled to end June 15th. I wonder how all of this will affect the summer salmon tender season for most of these boats?

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It’s already been a long snow crab season, but it’s about to be longer. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Monday that the season will be extended by two weeks in some areas, moving the overall end date to mid-June.

Heavy ice cover in the Bering Sea periodically forced fishermen off the grounds this winter and almost a quarter of the allowable harvest remains uncaught. The unprecedented move by Fish and Game should give crabbers time to bring in the remaining 20 million pounds.

The fishery was scheduled to close on May 31, but with the extension, areas west of 171 degrees will be open through June 15.

via Ice Forces Snow Crab Season Extension.


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Togiak Herring 2012 | Could Early Spawn Equal A Roepocalypse?

The recent Sitka herring sac roe fishery ended early because the herring spawned out before the massive quota was caught. Now, Alaska's largest herring fishery in Togiak is showing signs of early spawn. After an aerial survey on Monday, many signs af herring are obvious in the region. The most surprising factor was the noticeable spawn and the congregation of the fish against the shore. The level of surprise is obvious in the audio from KDLG. The fishery opened at 6:00 PM on Monday. Stay tuned for more updates…








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Piscatology 101 | NOAA State Of The Fisheries Report

In general, 86% of the fisheries reviewed are in good shape. This is great news for an industry that has a bad wrap for raping and pillaging the oceans resources. The entire report is below. Also, the article below is a nice summation of the report from SeafoodSource.com.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Fisheries Service on Monday released its annual report card, called the “Status of U.S. Fisheries,” which has been issued to Congress annually since 1997.

Of the 258 stocks and multi-species groupings known as complexes NOAA scientists reviewed for “overfishing” status in 2011, 222 stocks, or 86 percent, were not subject to overfishing, an improvement from 2010 when 84 percent, or 213 out of 253 stocks, were not subject to overfishing.

Of the 219 stocks and complexes reviewed for “overfished” status in 2011, 174 stocks, or 79 percent, were not overfished, compared to 77 percent, or 159 out of 207 stocks, in 2010. Thirteen of those 45 overfished stocks were located off New England, the most of any geographic region.

Overfishing” means the catch is above the target set in the fishery’s management plan, while “overfished” factors in a safety margin ensuring the stock is able to recover.

Also, a record six fish stocks were rebuilt to healthy levels in 2011, bringing to 27 the number of stocks that have been rebuilt in the last 11 years. They are Bering Sea snow crab, widow rockfish, chinook salmon (North California Coast, Klamath Fall), coho salmon (Washington Coast, Queets), summer flounder and Gulf of Maine haddock.

“[Most] rebuilding plans started 10 to 15 years ago after Congress amended the Magnuson-Stevens Act in 1996, so we’re seeing the results of that,” said Galen Tromble, NOAA Fisheries’ division chief for domestic fisheries, in a press briefing on Monday.

However, six stocks were newly determined to be overfished in 2010 and 2011. Rebuilding plans are currently being developed for these stocks and must be in place within two years of an overfished determination. Overall, 51 stocks are subject to rebuilding plans, with six additional plans in development.

via A record six U.S. fish stocks rebuilt in 2011 - SeafoodSource.com.


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